Sunday, February 27, 2011

****A Coincidence, I Think Not....****

In catching up on my blogging I noticed that many of my fellow Christian bloggers posts were very similar in their message. Strange, a coincidence, I think not. It just goes to prove that the Holy Spirit has a definite plan, and for those of us who are listening, He is taking hold and planting the seeds so that our lights may shine brightly through the darkness that surrounds us.

We all have our daily battles with Satan and his trickery and lies; however, when our walk is close and intimate our confrontations, though at times are many, are short lived until the next round. In my book Layers of the Heart, I end it with a poem I wrote over thirty years ago. I woke up at three o'clock in the morning, wrote it down and went back to bed.

It was not written in my normal style of writing, and though I thought it was quite good I never submitted it anywhere or gave it much thought; that was until I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to close out my book and last chapter " The Purposeful Heart" with it.

 After reading a fellow bloggers post a few minutes ago, I again got this feeling down deep to share this poem with you, as it relates to his message as well as a new follower of my blog who posted that she believes what is happening around the world is neither religious or political, but spiritual.

 I believe that in order to keep the strength of our circle around the globe strong, we need to keep our flames bright, so that all those who have lost their way, can find their way home.

The Final Hour

Dark,black and full of hate,
The eyes of hell
Now mad,
The moon was out,
The night was eerie,
And I not at all prepared.
For war had begun
And appeared to be won
As the odds
Seem to be in his favor.
Not bloodshed or tears,
Nor a slow taunting death
Could hamper the words
Of my last dying breathe.
For to hell you will perish,
Your dynasty, your' grave
For the souls that withstood you
I now declare brave.
For good conquers all
And in the end all will see,
That with God was at best
The best place to be...... 
Patricia VanDenburg©

May God continue to hold us all in His loving embrace always, and May the Holy Spirit continue to fill and guide us all. Have a fruitful and blessed week ahead..Patricia 


  1. This is an intense poem, you are a very talented poet! Thanks for posting this.

  2. I agree this was intense and very well done.:)

    There may be hell on earth but people are the light and maybe we were sent down here to realize this.
    Every one says one God but separates him into many beliefs. Man was born equal and therefore should not God treat all men equal?
    Yet some feel they are better than others and this in Gods' eyes, in my opinion would be a sin especially when you kill people in his name.

  3. where sin abounds Gods grace abounds more..... i have been praying the Holy Spirit to come into my house a lot lately (and He's been coming). God Bless!

  4. I agree. We know that before the end of the fulfillment of the Bible, times will increasingly get worse as the spiritual warfare increases. We must have on our full armor and remain steadfast knowing we are called to be a light in these dark times for as we know, we wrestle not against flesh and blood ..... Blessings to you, Cyndi

  5. To be with God is my hearts desire.
    I'm glad you published this message for us to draw encouragement from. Thanks so much. God bless my friend. Geoff.

  6. I LOVE this poem you wrote.
    We need to be vessels for the Holy Spirit to brightly shine through us to other people for we can do nothing to reach the lost but preach the Word, it is up to the Holy Spirit to soften hearts and open minds to the truth. We need to plant the seeds by spreading the Gospel and He will water and grow those seeds into full blooming plants.

    Bless you Patricia and praying for a release of pain in you shoulder/arm.

  7. I enjoyed the flow here and the words are uplifting and powerful!
    I believe God has indeed determined there would be a people who would simply magnify his way here. How else? God became flesh and dwelt among men..son's.
    It's getting dark, but it appears there is such apathy or sleep perhaps? Mine is similar here though not so long ago-

  8. Very deep. Appreciate you sharing. Blessings.

  9. There is truly no coincident, only the act of God.


  10. Amen Patricia! Great poem :-)
    God is the blessed controller of ALL things.