Tuesday, February 1, 2011

***** Did You Take A Moment Today?*****

Since  half our Country is having extreme weather conditions, many people found themselves housebound or headed home early. In having several conversations today, I realized many of them had a similar direction to them. Everyone moaning and complaining, saying how they are over this winter weather already.

It always strikes me as odd, that year after year we always seem to complain about the snow in the winter and the heat in the summer; and yet, we all know it is inevitable. It's the same year after year, and still our response is always one of disbelief.

I believe inclement weather in any season is Gods way of causing us to pause and appreciate the little things, which in reality, are daily blessings we take for granted. For instance, when we and our loved ones make it home safely in bad weather, we often hear ourselves giving thanks to God that we all made it home safe and sound as we should, but shouldn't we be giving that same thanks every night, even when the weather is perfect?

When an ice storm hits and we lose our electricity and then it returns, again we hear ourselves thanking our Father that our meat didn't spoil and that the heat is back on, but again should we not give thanks that we have these essentials and conveniences on a daily basis?

I guess the point I am making is that sometimes we forget to pause and give thanks for all the blessings we have on a day to day basis, and like any good Father our Heavenly Father needs to create something that makes us stop long enough to remember all the things we do have, as opposed to concentrating a lot of the time on what we don't.

We know that our Father will Always see to our needs, we will have want for nothing, as long as we remember who deserves the thanks and praise. So for myself I want to give thanks today for my many wonderful, enlightening conversations, and to the Holy Spirit for His gentle tap reminding me of the many blessings I receive daily, and the many friends who enrich my life in so many ways.

Did the weather or something else give you pause today? If so, I am sure we would all enjoy hearing about it. God Bless you all and keep you safe, and may God continue to hold you all in His loving embrace Patricia©


  1. I embrace each day I have on earth and so very "thankful" for all He has done in my life. When He pulls you out of the miry clay that is something to rejoice about and I will do so until my last breathe.I praise and lift up His name on high...

  2. My thoughts today have been on those who are going through so many trials and hard times right now and I have been sending up prayer for them. Most every day I notice something that I have not thanked the Lord for in awhile and I get that done speedily. I am so thankful I know him and he is always with me. Hugs and blessings

  3. I am in general a person who looks at her cup half full instead of half empty. My mom always impressed this on the kids to be thankful for what you have even if you don't like it because it can always be worse.
    Wonderful post!


  4. Very enlighting post. I will have to remember that when I start to complain ;)

  5. A truly inspiring post,I am also guilty of remembering God more in the shaddows,than when the sun shines. I will have to do better in the future. Blessings jane

  6. Yes, these have been exactly my thoughts! People always complain about how hot it is in the summer, but summer is supposed to be hot, that's why it's summer. Same with being cold in winter! The more we are thankful, even in not perfect circumstances, the more joyful we will become. Today I am thankful that we didn't get the sleet and ice storm, and we have continued to have power, that's a BIG thanks!

  7. Hi Patricia:

    Thanks for the reminder that we should take the time to pause and think about the many blessings we receive from day to day, even the most simple things in life we often take for granted.

    There are so many wonderful things going on around us and one of which is to stop by to see what's new in your blog. Yes, if anything today, it is your beautiful blog that gave me a pause that I need today.