About Me

My PhotoI've been writing all my life...I had my own greeting card company and have had many poems and short stories published. I have just finished my first book which I am now trying to get published, However I felt inspired to get it out there after almost 300 reviews and many request from people for a place to get a copy so here I am. It is reflective and Inspirational.
I am so excited to share it.

                    It's called Layers of the Heart and it has been a true labor  of love
                    and a journey I will never forget. It is my little engine that could.
              I have been forced to be home for the past 3 years due to a fall on the ice.
    I tore my rotator cuff and bicep and have had 3 surgeries Naturally,
 it was my right shoulder.
   My real name is Patricia, I am using my pen name for my book.
                     I am presently working on two other books which I look foward to
 sharing with you soon. God Bless and Have a wonderful day,
 thank you for stopping by.

I can be reached at greeneyes-1660@hotmail.com