********My Book********

This journey was inspired by a recent robbery that took place in the United States. A robber went into a store with a gun and instead of commiting a crime wound up praying with the clerk he intended on stealing from. Something ignited in me.The outline was done before the program was over and four chapters were written within a week...

It awakened feelings I felt so strongly about.
I knew it was time to share the purpose God had hand selected for me.
The thirteen layers that unfold evoke so many emotions.
I suggest you read it to completion if possible, so that you may uncover where on your personal journey this may be encouraging.

I have found that we can all use our life experiences to encourage one another, because truth be told, we are all more alike than we care to admit .
By sharing, we strengthen our bond as people, and the realization that we are not flying solo, helps us to know that each of us plays an integral part, on the outcome of the Human race, empowering every individual to leave a legacy of HOPE......

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Layers of the Heart


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