Stories of Hope

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

For those of you who have not read my book this will be a new story. For my Authonomy friends I beg for your patience, as I wanted to start off with something short but powerful.
Time and time again you hear people say,"I am just one person what difference can my actions make?" The answer is " A huge difference."and I mean that on many levels, both big and small.

I know many people who still don't vote, because they honestly believe their one vote won't make a difference either way. I am here to tell you that, it is this sentiment which has contributed largely to the state of affairs we find ourselves in around the world.

Life is a domino effect. Just as one bad action causes a chain reaction of major proportions, one act of kindness also has that same domino effect in the other direction.
In my book I tell a story that happened to me back in 1982 and I still remember it clear as day. I can still feel the genuine happiness shared between two strangers, and I am sure that this stranger recalls it just as clearly 28 years later.

Back in 1982 when I was still married my husband and I worked opposite shifts. We were like to ships passing in the night. He worked from ten at night till eight in the morning and I worked nine in the morning till nine at night.

I worked as a manager at a very busy world-wide weight loss center as a manager, and he worked as an electrical engineer for Citibank, working  on the machines that process the daily deposits for the day. Though we worked in close proximity, we rarely got a chance to see each other.

One particular Friday night I asked one of my girls to lock up for me so I could catch Rick before his shift started, so I could surprise him with a cup of coffee and a short visit.
We lived and worked in a very affluent neighborhood in Queens, called Forest Hills, one of the five boroughs of NYC.  
The main strip through the area is Queens Blvd. A three lane roadway in both directions, that is congested no matter what time or day of the week it is. So as usual, it was jammed with traffic and not a parking spot in sight.

I was very short on time; so as I approached the diner where I wanted to pick up the coffee , the only spot to be found was in a Taxi Stand...Not good, but I was desperate as time was not on my side, so I pulled in.

I jumped out of my car and started running towards the diner when I heard, "Lady, lady wait" I thought, just my luck I got nailed. Tickets are $150.00 if you're caught, that would be one expensive cup of coffee. As I turn around the Cabby yells, "I'll take mine black with one sugar." "Whew"was my first reaction, we laughed, and I ran up the stairs.
I ordered a coffee for Rick and just as I was leaving I turned around and asked the cashier if I could get another coffee black with one sugar, and quickly started back to my car. I ran to the driver handed him his coffee, and jumped back in my car, when once again I heard "Lady wait, lady I was only kidding."

The Cabby ran to my window and offered to give me the money for the coffee, I said to him, "did I make your night," he replied, "no you made my week." So I looked at him and said " so for fifty cents I made your week, enjoy the coffee, drive safely and have a great weekend." If you could see the look of disbelief on his face, and the smile that I saw in my rear view mirror, it was truly a moment.

I am sure, not only did he tell every Cab Driver that he encountered that evening, but I guarantee his passengers had very pleasant rides for a long time to come. A simple gesture, that changed so many outlooks, and outcomes through a simple act of kindness.

So today, or in the upcoming week when you're wondering if smiling, or saying good morning,or throwing change on the counter for someone who may be a little short will really make a difference ..... the answer is Yes, Yes, and most definitely Yes....

I hope this has inspired you to spread a little good will, and that it will be a reminder to  us all, that we all want the same thing; a happier more unified life....God Bless and Have a great week..Patricia


  1. Hi Patricia and good luck with your new blog. I love the photo's and am looking forward very much to reading about your stories of hope.

  2. Hi Patricia,

    I am not sure how to 'join' your blog. Thanks for writing about hope and I will continue to follow you. Namaste!

  3. We love you very much, and your book is always our inspiration.