Wednesday, February 2, 2011

**The Holy Spirit Let's Us Know... If We Listen**

We all know that in many of the Bible stories told, God gave prior knowledge to many of His children about things to come. We also know that our Father left us the Holy Spirit to be our counselor so that He may keep us on the path God intended for each of us.

I know many of us speak numerous times during the course of our day to the Holy Spirit and when we are still we can hear His answers or sense the direction in which we are to go even when, at that particular  moment we may not understand His answer.

My family recently went through a terrible crisis, and though I know and believe in God's perfect timing, our first response is normally one of an instinctive response. My brother had a baby on December 20th, it was a beautiful Christmas gift for our family and we were all overjoyed to welcome little Phillip.

I was going to my Mom's (she lives next door) everyday to visit and take pictures of Phillips progress and sent them to friends and family; however each time I went over I would talk to him, kiss him but I would not hold him. I told my brother that I was afraid because I have no use of my right arm, it has no strength to even hold a coffee cup, so he accepted my answer and I continued to play with him while in someone else's arm or while at rest in his crib.

A few weeks later while talking to Phillip my brother said why don't you hold him, you can sit down and we can place him in your arms. Again, I responded that I was to nervous. For those of you who don't know me this is particularly out of character for me, as I could not have my own children, I surround myself with children at every opportunity. At a family function, when given the choice, you will always find me on the floor with the kids coloring or playing games, as opposed to at the table with the adults.

I was having inner conflict because I kept hearing the Holy Spirit tell me, no not yet, and I so wanted to hold him close, and breathe in the smells only a baby has. I would come home and have an ache in my stomach, a longing, wondering why the Holy Spirit would not want me to hold the baby. I started thinking, perhaps He knew I would drop him because of my shoulder.

Then, just last week I went over the day my Niece, (Phillips Half-Sister) was leaving so I said my good-byes before my brother took her back down state. ( I wrote about that wonderful visit,some of you may recall) They left and I stayed to visit with my Mom, My future sister-in-law and the baby. We were discussing lunch as my Sister-in-law to be had never had Matzo Ball soup, which I had surprised my Mom with from Manhattan, while down to see the surgeon.

She was holding the baby and I was giving butterfly kisses to his head and he was smiling. A few minutes later she couldn't find the babies "Binky" so we were looking, I went into the babies room and I saw that her pocketbook and a carry bag were in the crib, I got an odd feeling but couldn't put my finger on what was bothering me, what didn't feel right?

A few minutes later my mom screamed out that she had found it. My brother rang and I handed my future sis the phone and went down to sit in the sun room with my mom. About ten minutes later my moms dog Mandy, a little Shih Tzu ( very protective of baby) started barking, I looked up from the sliding glass doors and saw my future Sister-in -law at the door with her coat on, again I felt this strange uneasiness, why would she have a coat on to answer the door? And then I saw a ski jacket and I realized what was happening.

It happened so fast, in thirty seconds she was gone, I caught the HumV turning the corner. My Mom and I just kept saying this can't be happening, she was stealing the baby. I quickly called my brother I asked him "where is she going?" He said what are you talking about, I said "she just left with the baby" poor brother couldn't breathe and my Niece was still in the car so He said "I knew it," and told me he would call us back.

To make a long story short, I am not sure if it was post-partum depression, or the fact she was so far from her family, but she had arranged with her sister to come from another state and pick them up. What a ripple affect it has had.

Hours later, in my own home, I realized that the Holy Spirit was forewarning me and He knew I needed protection, He purposely kept a degree of separation between me and my nephew, knowing what was to come. Not that it wasn't or isn't still devastating, but to some degree the wrenching feeling both my Brother and Mother are experiencing is somewhat less for me; as they held and nurtured little Phillip day in and day out for 36 straight days and nights, the depth of their pain has a stronghold on their clarity and sense of reason at the moment and to a degree, completely understandable.

The Holy Spirit needed one of us to be able to let go and let God quickly, and besides he knew with everything else on my plate at the moment, that this load would be to hard for me to bear, had I held little Phillip in my arms.

 The reason I share this devastating story is because God's children are not immune to devastation and pain, however, we are equipped with the strength we need when we not only talk daily, but  when we listen attentively to the warnings of whats to come.

Those of Gods children who choose to have intermittent relations with their Father miss out on His Fatherly help and advice. So I encourage you all to remember that our Father has left the Holy Spirit for endless reasons, but one of those reasons are to prepare us for what the future holds for each of us, as our Father knows exactly what we need to stay the course to complete our individual purpose's.

I pray that perhaps this story will be a subtle reminder, that speaking with the Holy Spirit daily is vital, but just as vital, is that we keep still long enough to heed His answers, not just the joyful ones, but the warnings as well...God Bless you all and may you continue to feel the love and strength of our fathers loving embrace..Patricia©


  1. I love how you live in the Spirit and are obedient to Him. I am very sad to hear this story and I will be praying that all will work out for the best. I cannot imagine how devastating this must be for your family.

    God does know what is best for us and if we only would stop, listen and heed then even when we don't understand during the moment, we will eventually understand and be thankful.

    Praying for you all Patricia.

  2. Staying connected to God on a moment by moment basis is an amazing/fantastic and most comforting way to live :-)

    take care and have a nice day :-)


  3. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thank God you have a comforter. Your family must be climbing the walls! I can't imagine,I will be praying for a happy ending to this.Just keep praying. Blessings jane

  4. Oh my!!! Well, is the baby back home now, are charges going to be pressed? Are they still engaged? I am so sorry, she must have been in so much pain! Yes, God knows everything in advance, and most of the time it is so good that we do not, ot we would not be able to bear it. I am sorry about your arm, you were injured? I have a torn rotator cuff and have been dealing with it for many years now.

  5. How dreadful. One thing I cannot stand, is women who believe they have a right to cut a child off from its natural father and other family just because it suits her.So many do this and it is wicked to child and family.
    Even if she has post natal depression, she has a family who should ensure the baby has connection with its other family.
    I feel so much for all of you and yes, I do believe too that we can be given prior warning to things.
    I hope she comes around to her senses and that you all get to see him again. God Bless x

  6. I am so amazed by God's spirit and His longing to commune with us. Yes, we were never promised life would be easy, but that He would never leave or forsake us and that He would direct us. I am so thankful for that.

    Thank you for sharing this difficult story.

  7. How sad for you and your family and for baby Phillip. I pray God will reunite him to your family. I do feel when we stay in prayer, especially daily, the Lord will prepare us for upcoming events. I have had it happen to me a few times.Blessings to you. Dee

  8. oh that is really sad!! why did she feel the need to run away?! very strange. what is your brother going to do about all this? prayers!!

  9. Ok, I could of read anything you posted and just began reading here. I find it both incredible and sad! I mean, obviously it's selfishly motivated, and then it's just plain ignorance. I'm sure jealousy is another factor? I'm terribly sorry as I certainly don't need to tell you how painful this is! I do hope (know with God) he is able to turn things around for the good.
    Well, that was kind of neat you found that post and commented there. I tried to be many folks appear not to have the stomach for this? I feel a sense of sadness in the fact that (what you addressed here) is that either there is an isolation of truth maybe? Like sorrow..I get the feeling we have to slap something up which is positive..but hey- He was the man of sorrows? Thanks..