Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*****Being Steadfast Is A Growing Process*****

In James 1:4 The Lord talks to us about growing and not letting our problems keep us from the wisdom He is trying to teach us. I had an experience last night that tested that principal in a very strong way. We know as Christians that controlling our temper and staying calm under attack is a clear view on how we are doing in our walk and maturity in Christ.

For the past four months I have been helping a fellow writer with His manuscript. When I first read it I felt a strong feeling deep in my stomach that the Lord wanted me to help this Author whose work was written from pain and despair.

I offered to help edit when I quickly realized it wasn't an edit at all but a complete rewrite, even Title change was necessary in order to convey what he originally set out to say, but his emotions Got in the way. After rewriting 8 chapters the auther asked if I would consider co-writing the book, since in reality it really was more of a journal, where most chapters were four to Six thousand words, in a forty chapter book.

Since it was not "War and Peace" but a true love story I knew my work was cut out for me, and in praying over it I decided to go forward, put my book to the side and help get this done in a fabulous way; even brought a lot more of God into the book which is always a great thing.

I had friends say, " all you have is an email, how do you know he will keep his word, you're putting in long hours and have been working on this for months." I answered by saying that I prayed over it and I trust God to have my back, and I believe in him and his word.

Last night I went to look at the new website he said he created, since the last one had a different title, and the book is now so different he just created a whole new place to showcase the new book. Boy did the devil have me in the corner, when I went to search for the site the link came up with another woman's name, his name, and no mention of me, other than to say I was helping with the rewrite (In very small print and @ the bottom of the page)
and he promoted my Kindle version of my Published Book, which I have asked him to change since December, and in big print the words AUTHOR Blah blah blah, his name only, across the top.

My first reaction was to call him and upset I said " with all the work, title change, video idea,( which was a completely different concept from what he was going to do) I asked how he could do this, I than said realizing I was being controlled by myself and not the Holy Spirit that I was to mad to talk and I'd appreciate if he could call me later.

I felt as if I had let God down in my walk, I am more mature in the Lord then this. After all, I know He has my back, and even after these months and nights without sleep, if he does do the wrong thing I know my God would want me to forgive and forget, and that He will replace that wrong, ten fold.

So though I know I was forgiven the moment I asked for it, which was immediately after hanging up the phone, I still needed our Father's specific word this morning to remind me, that though my faith and walk is a strong an intimate one, there will be times when I fall short and need to check myself, and ,( I was also grateful that I know His word well, which really helps when you need a specific clarity)I felt so much better after reading this chapter this morning, because it was a confirmation that for every circumstance, there is direction and passage in which I can find comfort, confirmation, solitude, and correction.

I hope this story may encourage my fellow brothers and sisters to remember that the closer our walk, the stronger the attacks will come; but we have our sword and weapon in the word and in the Holy Spirit. May you all have a fruitful, peaceful week, and if you come under attack remember everything we need is in His loving words....God Bless you and keep you all in His loving embrace...

* I have added a discount code to my book page as a few of you have shown interest in my book and I had it in place for family and friends, with all your support on my blog and towards my family, I wanted to pass it onto you as well. It will save you 3.00 per book making it only 6.99. The Lord is blessing me on so many levels right now, even when I am in pain I am at peace and joyful, and I just want to say thank you all for being a big part of that. Love and Hugs Patricia


  1. Good morning Patricia and Happy Tuesday. Awesome story. The Devil is very subtle, but still, no match for our HEAVENLY Father and His Holy Word. It is always just a matter of us grasping for it instead of "human comfort."

    He knew all of this was going to happen way before you posted about it. He also knew your reaction and that you would come to him. His heart smiled when you did.

    Love you and praying for your friends success. He needs you in more ways than he cares to acknowlege and oftentimes, we never get praised for that. But God holds our true rewards ;-)


  2. Well, Pat, sadly there are people out there who will take advantage of us! But you are blessed with the right attitude about this!! Jesus tells us not to answer back with a mean reply and to still act kindly. You are representing Jesus to this man, some people who never read the bible only have us Christians as an example. And we certainly need to have grace. I think there is nothing wrong in letting him know how this made you feel, and I'm sure you did it in a nice way. Maybe he had no idea how this would make you feel. But I still believe that God had this in his plan for you and either you or this man needed this encounter, maybe to learn from each other? You listened to your heart and what you feel is God's leading, so no matter how it ended and made you feel, it is still s GOOD thing!!

  3. Hi Patricia,
    You have a dear sweet heart on fire for serving God. Bless you. Although we are told to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile we are also told to hold other Christians accountable for the actions they take and if they are not Chrisitans then we are not to yoke ourselves with them. Praise our God that you are giving this to Him and I am sure He will look after this, but we, here on earth, need to do our part.
    I agree that the closer we walk with God the more Satan attacks. Just last night I spent time reading Psalms 139, 140, 141, and 142. I went to sleep with this on my heart and trusting the Lord to work it all out and He does yet the struggle still reigns on and I continue to trust and petition Him to take care of all.
    Should we expect all good and no bad from God? I feel like Job sometimes. Trust in Him who provides all, for all comes from Him for His glory. We do not know what is happening in the heavenly realms. There is a huge battle going on and we are caught in the middle of it. But our God is the winner and we are on the winning side. He will come to our defense we just need to wait and trust Him on His timing for He will provide, yet in the mean time we need to do our work here, sometimes in blindness sometimes in full vision yet always trusting Him.

    I have put you on our prayer chain. :)
    Blessings and love,

  4. Patricia, I know this was hard for you. I hope this man comes to his senses,and gives credit where it's due. But sometimes people can be cruel.But they never gain from it. Blessings jane

  5. Wow, I had not read your post today when I e mailed you. please do not let this keep you from the being the encourager I have met here recently. I sure hate that it hapened to you. I will pray for you and this man. I enjoy our new friendship and look forward to reading your posts. This one made me quite sad though. I want to leave you with a verse,my dear new sister.I hope it helps.
    And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24 You WILL be rewarded!!! : )
    Love in Christ , Cyndi

  6. may God give you grace as you continue to work for HIM :-)

  7. Matthew 10:16 - “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

    I've been deceived many times by wolves in sheep's clothing. Sometimes it's very difficult to find a balance but God says, "I can do 'ALL' things through Christ who strengthens me" :-)

    Patricia, I pray that God will give you discernment when you are dealing with potential wolves.


  8. Cyndi, Thank you so much but I will keep on my path this was either a lesson for me or him or both. I know My Savior will pay me back 10 fold when I listened to His still voice through the Holy Spirit before undertaking this project, so if free-will played a part in the outcome my 10 fold will be waiting because I truly have done all this work with a giving heart and not a greedy or self-serving one...Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support and Bible passages which have all brought me strength...God Bless have a blessed, fruitful peace-filled weekend ahead Patricia

  9. I've experienced that too...that the closer the walk the harder the attack, but thank God his grace is sufficent and His power ever present with us.

    Thanks for sharing your heart.