Sunday, March 6, 2011

****The Holy Spirit Needs Us All****

                     Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper
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No matter how young, old,big,small,smart, or average we may be, the Holy Spirit needs us all. As everyone watches the above clip, you will see that He will use the most insignificant piece of paper to bring us joy and although this particular piece of paper in itself was bringing unwelcoming news, the Holy Spirit made sure that His joy for us is stronger than any news or reports or rejections we may encounter.

What makes this so ironic for me is that one of my poems called " Through A Babies Eyes" won me an award, and it was written about a very similar experience I shared with my baby cousin. Baby Della's Mom, my Mom, and Myself looked through the dining room cut out, just in awe and wonderment of what was causing my new little cousin to laugh uncontrollably while sitting alone in her highchair in the middle of the kitchen. 

It is so important that we realize that every single one of us is an important part of Gods Divine Plan. Even a small child can give hope to someone who may be feeling like all is lost. So even though our lives may not be going according to our timeline and plan, for those of us who believe we need to remember that all things in our life are happening in God's perfect time.

I myself at times get frustrated, as I feel I should or could be doing more; however, God knows all things, and we can't even scratch the surface of His glorious vision for each of us as an individual, or where our piece fits perfectly into this puzzle of life.

The one thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt, is that my Heavenly Father loves all
His children, and it is not for us to question who, when, or what is needed to complete His ultimate plan; but to know without hesitation with the Holy Spirit illuminating our lights and paths, we will all get it done.

May we all have a grateful, fruitful and productive week...God Bless and may He continue to hold us all in His loving embrace...I hope you enjoy the poem. Patricia

Through A Babies Eyes

One day I sat just staring at this child in a chair
unable to speak, or even walk
there she sat just laughing.
I wondered;
What did she find so funny?
Was it someones' face or just a smile,
perhaps she bumped her funny bone.
The funny thing is I'll never know what it was,
and she'll never remember it....

Patricia VanDenburg ©


  1. This is a wonderful time of year. The start of lent. Easter is always the most important part of the year to me, especially Good Friday when we have a chance to remember what He did for all of us. The Holy Spirit is always at work, but never more so than this coming phase of our year.= and especially Pentecost

  2. The sound of that baby laughter made me warm up inside and smile from ear to ear! I truly believe that when we laugh and are happy we warm up God's heart and make Him smile from ear to ear.

    You are so right Patricia, we are all an important part of God's divine plan we all play an important role.

    Very beautiful poem! A thought that I have thought of many times while watching my babies or someone eles's babies laugh or even cry for that matter.

    Bless your heart and I am praying for your shoulder.

  3. sweet! No better place than to be used by God :-)

  4. When a babies laugh, they warm our hearts and we laugh with them and they often brighten up the day. Like when I replay old recordings of my two year old daughter, how precious was those moments. They are a gift from heaven.

    Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
    (Matthew 19:14)

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  5. A fabulous video!! And I love your poem, it does ahve a surprising and rather sad ending. How did you know that the paper had bad news?

  6. It says it was a rejection notice from a job interview he went on...