Saturday, March 12, 2011

******* Unite In Prayer*******

In watching the news non-stop accept to pray for all those affected by this horrendous natural disaster, I thought it only appropriate that we as Christians band our strength of prayer, and unite as one to increase our power so that we can help stop the Nuclear Plant from having a melt down, making this already horrific occurrence even more devastating.

Though we know in our hearts that all these things must come to pass, as it is written in God's word that they must happen, Mark 13, Luke 21, amongst so many other Bible references; we still as humans find ourselves in pain,  grieving for all those who have lost their loved ones, homes, and livelihood.

As we read in Luke 17:34-35, we know which one we strive to be, as we are reminded that one will be left and one taken, so we must be prepared every second, of every minute, of every hour, in every day.

May God continue to hold us all in His loving embrace and may the power of the Holy Spirit guide our every word and action... May we all have a blessed weekend and may our lights continue to shine brightly for those who are lost in the dark. God Bless Patricia©


  1. I agree with you Patricia we need to all pray together, uniting our prayers for those in need.
    Yesterdays news was very devastating and shocking, kind of a wake up call to be busy working for the Kingdom.


  2. I have been praying for these poor people,we never know where the next disaster will strike. I worry all the time about our fault line here,the new madrid. My grandaughter lives closer to the epicenter than I do,so I stay worried about their family. What you say is so true,we need to always be prepared. Blessings jane

  3. It is so hard watching those scenes and pictures and knowing what it means. It is too much to really comprehend fully isn't it? The sheer magnitude of loss and suffering.
    May God rest their souls

  4. Yes, they need our fervant prayers. It is so sad seeing the devestation in Japan and when you think it is all over, now they have a nuclear melt down nightmare. It saddens me to see photos especially with mother holding their babies and I couldn't help but to wonder what will happen to them now and will that baby have enough to eat? God of mercy, hear our prayers.


  5. It is not only Japan that has been affected by earthquakes this year but to see the devastation wrought by this huge inflow of water is mind blowing, and the after effects!!!!!!!!! I live just a little over 10km from a nuclear power station. What would I do?
    My prayers are united with yours.
    Love, Geoff.

  6. Amen... Lord, hear our prayers.