Wednesday, January 26, 2011

***Time Flies so Embrace Every Moment***

Boy what a week it's been. Some of it not so good and some of it terrific, "That's Life." I had to go for some test this week, and though not pleasant, I know that they will bring the answers I need, so I rolled with it. While in the city I got to catch up with people I have not had the chance to spend time with in quite some time.

Each of us having our troubles, but by the grace of God we're able to continue on our journey and not let these issues prevent us from enjoying and sharing love and life. It is so monumental to remember that the power of prayer is our secret weapon and not our last resort. When we try and figure things out on our own the problems become the center of our attention and they prevent us from hearing the answers we seek; more then that, the trouble that is inevitable, turns into the misery that's optional.

The week has gotten so much better, as I got to spend time with my Niece who unbeknown to me, has become a young lady about to go for her drivers permit, "When did that happen?" Anyway, the point is I got to know her now as a contributing, intelligent, warm, loving young woman, and it was so refreshing, and such a blessing, to know that the little person I watched blossom, is turning into this amazing flower.

We played games and laughed so hard, it felt so good and I was so grateful to my Heavenly Father for carrying my burdens from the earlier part of the week so I could soak up all the wonders of the day with my family. I wanted to share this because I know so many of us have full plates right now on different levels, whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual.

Though our roads may be under construction at the moment, doesn't mean that they're still not leading somewhere. So I hope as you face some of those road blocks today that this little story may encourage you to expect the problems, but know if we can remember to ask, expect, and accept, that we can over-ride the problem, avoid the misery, and embrace the day...I would love to hear your thoughts about it too...
God Bless you all, have a fruitful rest of the week and may you feel God's loving embrace always....Patricia©


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed some wonderful time with your niece. Smiling, having fun and staying positive during the not so good times always helps. Hugs

  2. Such a positive blog Patricia, thank you. I liked your phrase "roads may be under construction" - loved it and caught it's positive meaning. Great! - Dave

  3. For my house shall be a house of prayer. Children who grow up before our eyes and turn into amazing blossoms usualy bear fruit for those who tend the vine. Stay positive my friend and remember that we are all with you.
    God bless you. Geoff.

  4. Road blocks and detours are common in our travels through life. You can count on them! But it's how you handle them that really counts.

    Blessed is he who is flexible, for he will not break :-)

  5. Love your attitude! My words of wisdom for today are that we have to have valleys in our life so that we appreciate and recognize the peaks! I'll pray for God's highest and best for you!

  6. I try to remember to keep my eyes focused on the Lord, then I am not so concerned about the roadblocks along the way. But that is easier said than done sometimes :)

  7. Beautiful post Patricia~so glad that I found your blog! I was just reading Psalm 139 this morning and it's so wonderful to know that God is present in our lives each day and it's also comforting that He knows every detail of our lives too! Sweet blessings~Kathy
    And thankyou for visiting my blog too! (:

  8. Great post Patricia...when I put God first in my day I can get over most of the bumps and puddles in my road each day.I am sometimes guilty of letting my bumps get bigger than they really are.:( I am glad you had a good visit with your niece and I do hope all goes well with your medical tests. I hope you will post some of your old house photo's one day. I would love to see them. Dee

  9. Great post!! I am praying for you.
    Come visit my blog for I have an award waiting for you! :)