Monday, January 17, 2011

*******The Accepting Heart*******

I normally don't share any chapters of my book as many authors do, though I find nothing wrong with it, I just usually write what the Holy Spirit lays strongly on my heart.( The funny thing is some of my stories are longer than my chapters, like this one for instance.)
Since the response to my last story "The Power of Words" seem to move people I thought I would share my personal confrontation with the power of words...I would love for those of you who are moved to share an experience you may have had to do so, as I feel when we share personal situations they seem to become more real, and impactful. I hope you enjoy. This comes from the Healing Phase of my book...God Bless you all and have a safe and fruitful week... God Bless you and keep you all in His loving embrace Patricia
Chapter 10
The Accepting Heart

When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people’s hearts”
Lao Tzu 6th century B.C.

Accept; v.t. meaning: to receive or take willingly. A simple statement, yet so empowering
When we are willing to face our shortcomings we deplete the power that others and life can use against us. When we receive both the positive and negative perspective of a situation it gives us the power to make a wise decision; because both sides have been revealed. It is only when we accept ourselves completely, without judgment that we can truly attain an accepting heart.
When we are able to attain acceptance it allows us to be objective towards situations, based on what is and not on projection or prejudice.
When I was a little girl my younger brother, Bob, and I were playing tag at my aunt and uncles house. We were running around a chair in opposite directions, when we collided. Unfortunately, all my teeth bent flat up against the roof of my mouth. It looked as if all my teeth were knocked out. After seeing the dentist, the options were all extremely expensive and my family did not have dental insurance, the only choice was to allow them to come down on their own.
They came in extremely big and uneven; my self image at that point was beyond low. I was teased and called names like Bucky beaver and Bugs bunny, it was so hurtful. I felt helpless and very self conscious. I would look in the mirror and cry because I thought I was ugly.
Then one day when I was in seventh grade; I was walking to school, and I crossed paths with a young girl who had a dark, black, raised birthmark that covered almost half her face. I remember looking up and apologizing to God for being so shallow and self- absorbed.
When I went home that day I talked to God for a long time. I let Him know how sorry I was that I had wasted so much time feeling sorry for myself. All that time I had felt inadequate because of the words and opinions of others. We don’t realize the power words have over us. Something hurtful can take us years to get through. Whereas, a positive word of encouragement, can carry us to heights that surpass things we never thought possible.
God had brought me out of a coma, blessed me with an amazing family, and gave me beautiful green eyes that sparkle because of His love.
From that day forward, the name calling no longer had power. I had accepted my teeth were big, for better or worse they were my teeth and had no reflection on me as a person.
I also learned that those who judged people on their appearance, and not on substance, were not the kind of people I wanted in my circle of friends.
You come to realize at some point in your journey that in order to fulfill your purpose, God places everyone and every circumstance on your path for a reason. However, it doesn’t mean that your surroundings and circumstances will remain the same indefinitely.
In fact, some things are meant to be seasonal while others will be for a lifetime.
But I am sure that if each and every one of you look back, you will be able to recall that pivotal moment, that either led to your insecurity or your strength; and if not, it is vital that you take the quiet time to find your center.

Once we are able to align our mind, body, and soul, the clarity of our purpose just is; and our heart at that moment attains the layer of the accepting heart.

The next layer in the healing process is the forgiving heart. After accomplishing acceptance of ourselves and others, we are then open to forgiveness; not forgiveness for a deed or wrong doing, but true forgiveness; the type of forgiveness that will erase the slate and replace all turbulence and uneasiness with understanding and peace.


  1. This is excellent! I too have had to overcome much. I am petite, just five foot. It seemed like such a huge handicap growing up dealing with the teasing or being left out etc. The world promotes a certain look and it brainwashes people to think that they need to have that look. It took many years to reach a place of peace with my appearance.I am thankful to be a healthy soon to be 60 year old..

  2. You are right. I remember the old adage "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!" I wonder if you know that one? We are who we are, and as we get older we become comfortable with that - Dave

  3. A very touching and inspiring story. I am sorry that you had to go through that teasing when you were young. Children can be so horrible. Actually, adults can be horrible too sometimes. :) And, therefore, you are so right that we all should be forgiving of others and to be grateful with what the good Lord blesses us with and forget about what anyone else has to say. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. I have a situation I am going through with a friend right now and this story has given me some perspective. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Forgiveness, how powerful that word is and how hard it can be sometimes. I had buck teeth and was called bugs bunny. I was tall and skinny and the kids called me bag of bones! Oh how that hurt but God always protected me by giving me a sister that always changed it around to make me feel beautiful because of God.
    Words are so powerful and positive words out weigh bad ones by 10 fold.

    Thanks for this excerpt!