Saturday, January 8, 2011

****** The Power of Gods Promise*******
Psalm 31: 5-6 says; "Into your hand I commit my spirit. You have rescued me, O God who keeps His promises. I worship only you;"

The above youtube video is about a homeless man found at an intersection, holding a sign saying he has a God given gift, and a news paper reporter challenged His statement and asked him to prove it.

How awesome is our God. An admitted recovering alcoholic and drug user ( clean 2 years, I believe,) originally from Brooklyn, N.Y winds up in Ohio to be discovered at a crossroad, a coincidence, I think not.

Many of us have come to many crossroads in our life, sometimes we made the right choice and at other times, not so much. And though our circumstances or choices may not have wound up as severe, doesn't make our poor choices "better" (as in not as bad) then anyone Else's, which brings me to the reason for this article.

One of my followers responded to my recent post by telling me that people in Ohio were upset, and felt it unfair that this homeless man "catch such a break" when so many other homeless people were in need.

God has His reasons and His timing and He and only He is the judge of this planet and who are we to question His decision to give this man a new lease on life? Why are we not rejoicing and happy for our fellow human being?

He had many offers since His appearance on the radio station including Oprah, one person wrote and said "of course she would put a black man recovering from alcohol and drugs on her worthless new network." How sad that when Hope is found, hatred responds with such venom and indifference.

We've all heard the expression "What goes up must come down," but we forget the expression, "The only place to go from here is up." We should all be praying for those naysayers, because they truly need prayer, when one human being can't be happy for another human being who had so little for so long, it is a sad day indeed for us all.

My hope is that this happy ending continues to be happy, and that many more stories like this fill the news, instead of the killing of children, the rise in suicide of our young adults, and the harsh Judging that has come to replace compassion and good-will on a large scale.

I pray that we will all go out this week and spread some kindness and good-will not to make us look good, but because we feel a powerful tug in our hearts to do so, without the need for recognition.

I pray God Blesses and watches over us and all those we love in the upcoming week, and may God keep us all in His loving embrace....Love and Peace Patricia©


  1. Oh Patricia: You are so absolutely sad that naysayers exist, but they do. And yes, we need to be praying for them. I think that when people are so negative it's because of their own personal lives...because what comes out of the mouth, is what is truly in the heart. And if venom comes out of their mouth, just imagine their hearts? They too need a Saviour and a heart change.

    Thank you for posting this...Have a blessed Lord's Day.


  2. Good morning :-) Yes, his story is one of redemption, a real miracle! Recovery is (in my humble opinion as one in recovery) one of God's greatest gifts. So much good comes from a saved life and soul. Today I choose not to focus on the naysayers. I pray for them, that they might find themselves standing in the sunlight of the spirit.

    God Bless! Very nice blog you have here!

  3. Sunday Greetings, We are to reflect Jesus in all of our conduct...I am happy for this gentleman. I saw one of his interviews and he gave all the glory to the Lord for this new start. We should carry him in prayer as the devil will send sharks to try devour him once again. Thank you for posting this reminder to spread so important especially in these dark and chaotic times...Light shines the brightest in the dark. Have a blessed day. Dee

  4. I'm so happy we have someone like you who speaks for most of us. Your line that says >> God has His reasons and His timing...How True!!! I know first hand how true that line is. Keep up the great work! Love ya!

  5. What a wonderful, heartwarming story! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Amen Patricia!

    To do good and be kind to others without recognition is truly a Christ like quality. May we all strive to be more like Jesus.


  7. the Lord works in mysterious ways!!

  8. So many people seem to mock those who have found God and changed their lives around. In fact, many mock people just because they exist! It is one of the sadder and not so pleasant facts of life, but I rejoice in those who are like you my friend. At least there are many good people to help balance things out. xx

  9. Hi Patricia. This is a reciprical visit to your blog and thank you for visiting mine. That man in the video had a magnificent voice, and if he can avoid drink and drugs in future he should do well for himself. I agree with your comments here. We should be happy and positive for those trying to get their lives in order, no matter who they are - Dave