Sunday, August 21, 2011



It's very hard for everyone,
to let go of their control,
but when we surrender to our Father,
we commit our lives and souls.

Once we've made the decision
and truly become a part,
it's not just through our words,
but the commitment of our heart.

In order to be saved by grace,
surrender is a must,
otherwise, our humankind,
makes eternal life a bust.

Though words are very powerful,
our actions are the key,
to show the unbelievers,
how glorious our lives will be.

But if we take for granted,
His "word" He left for all,
 the reality of our earthly lives,
will cause the lost to fall.

So as a Christian Sister,
I try with all my might,
To honor the Holy Trinity,
each morning, noon, and night.

And though it is not easy,
He made it crystal clear,
that only through complete surrender,
can He wash away our fear...

Patricia VanDenburg©
Inspired by Hebrews 4

May we all have a blessed and fruitful, all-trusting week ahead and may we all continue to trust our Loving Father in all circumstances.
 God Bless love hugs and prayers Patricia xx


  1. Thank you again...for sharing your heart.


  2. Beautiful Pat........ I know when you surrender and lift it up... a feeling of total peace comes over me. And I have only you to thank.

    Thank you for showing me the way.

    Love you! :o)

  3. Hi -

    I love your header photo. Glorious splendor indeed.

    Thank you for this meaningful and helpful message.

  4. Good Thursday Morning Patricia, loved your poem...the portion that touched my heart the deepest was "Once we've made the decision
    and truly become a part,it's not just through our words,but the commitment of our heart"
    Commitment something I believe the world has lost connection and understanding of ..if it doesn't feel good abandoned it ...what sadness!