Tuesday, August 2, 2011

*********Peace Comes With Belief*********

True Belief

As humans it is really hard,
when devastating things take place,
but our truly loving Father,
has promised us His grace.

When our loved ones suffer badly,
and our day is full of strife,
the one thing we can count on,
is that our Lord controls our life.

Yes the deceiver steals some battles,
but the war is ours to win,
for our Savior suffered on the cross,
and washed away our sins.

So when the attacker throws his darts,
and we pause, let go, and lift,
It's very reassuring to know,
 eternal life will be our gift.....

Patricia VanDenburg©

It has been a very challenging week, and I am so grateful to have such comfort and strength surrounding me. Thank you all for your love prayer and support. May we all have a fruitful week ahead.  God Bless, love, hugs, and prayers..... Patricia


  1. Hi Patrica,

    Yes your poem goes along with my post. :) Isn't that cool?!

    I too have had a challenging few weeks but I continue to rejoice in the LORD for He deserves praise in good times and in bad.

    Praying for you sister and hoping you have a better week.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Pat! I haven't seen you in awhile, how have you been? I hope your week gets better. Good poem, I love how you say we may lose some battles, but we have won the war!!!

  3. beautiful poem!

    thanks for your visit and comment.
    I wish the best for you

  4. I found it to be very reassuring knowing God is always there...No matter what's going on in my life...He gives my the strength to keep believing and know with God anything is possible!

  5. I enjoyed your thoughts today..you know, it reminds me (a very present help in trouble)..we do go down at times (slammed like a wave), but amazing how we go on. It is a battle..but because of him it will be victory. Thanks-
    Your header is beautiful!
    Wishing you a peaceful day-

  6. Patricia thank you for these words. Blessings.