Tuesday, July 26, 2011

******** An Expression of Joy********

Jesus Others You

Jesus first, others second, you third,
a description I had never heard,
to describe a small,
 yet powerful word.

Peace and Joy that's been His plan,
 from the onset of His chosen clan,
and though at times we let him down,
He's the Creator, the king of man.

It's through His love we will sustain,
as His everlasting words explain,
that it's only by His saving grace,
that everlasting life can be attained.

He knows our sinful human ways,
 that we will have imperfect days,
and still in all He's always there,
to listen to our daily prayers....

Patricia VanDenburg©

I hope you have a fruitful week and that no matter how difficult or impossible things may seem, just remember who controls all things as long as we walk in faith. God bless  and may we all continue to feel our Fathers loving embrace. Love hugs and prayers Patricia 


  1. It's such a warm feeling knowing God's with me all the time. Makes me feel safe and never alone. Thanks for reminding us... LOVE YA!

  2. We use to sing this song when i was little...thank you for sharing. Your blog is always such a encouragement to me.