Friday, July 15, 2011

*********We Are Meant To Shine*********

We Are Meant To Shine

Within us all lies a buried treasure,
the search is half the fun.
And once it is uncovered,
it's not just "you", but "us" that's won.

You see the Father gave us each a gift,
a purpose we all must share.
And let me tell you first-hand,
it is to let us know He cares.

For once we were forgiven,
and our mistakes were all erased.
Self-loathing, hate, and judgement,
had now all been replaced.

For through His words and stories,
His boundaries clear and true,
The ominous clouds and darkened skies,
have turned light, so bright , and blue.

For He's made us many promises,
though one a real favorite of mine.
Which is; no matter what we may endure,
He wants us all to shine.....

Patricia VanDenburg©

May we all have a blessed weekend and continue to shine our light for all those who are finding their way "Home." Hugs love and prayers Patricia


  1. I love it! Your Great!!! at spreading God's world. Love you

  2. Simply beautiful

    Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Patricia love this writing ..beautiful and so true! You have a new follower....! ;0)