Sunday, August 7, 2011

**************Earth Angel**************

Earth Angel

My angel on earth
sent just for me,
as a shining example
of how God wants us to be.

You're selfless and kind
through good times and bad,
only the Father
can tell when you're sad.

Your light is so bright
in the midst of the haze,
and your unceasing drive
still leaves me amazed.

Through happiness and sorrow
He said "Surrender to me,"
as we read in our Bible
but so rarely see.

We may flip the coin
but the decisions not ours,
that I am sure of
comes from "Divine Powers."

And the fact that He chose you
to be my dear friend,
is just a mere glimpse
of God's beauty ahead....

Patricia VanDenburg©

I can only hope and pray that we all recognize the true angels in our lives, put on our path for many reasons, but the most important of all is to let us know the power of love, and why it is the greatest gift of all our Father gave us. I pray we all have a loving and fruitful week ahead, and that we all strive to be as Christ like as possible so we may continue to spread His love through all this pain and sorrow.
 Love hugs and prayers Patricia


  1. You are truly our earth angel. thank you for being such an amazing writer and friend! we are truly blessed God brought you into my/our lives! you have touch our hearts and are precious to us/me! thank you for being my rainbow and our angel! We love you! Thank you also for the writing such a beautiful and so true poem! you are truly a blessing! love you so much! Hugs, Marg, Darryl, Jenny, DJ, and Nat

  2. Amen! May God's angels continue to give you discernment and wisdom.

    God bless and have a great weekend :-)


  3. Beautiful Pat.....I recognize you were heaven sent... A few years ago...I was blind before...because without God in your life you can not see straight ... When you truly believe and have God first in your life Then and only then can you see all the earth angels God has sent down to help us... I Believe! :o)