Thursday, September 1, 2011

**********We All Must Listen**********

Hi My Dear Followers, As you may know I am working on a poetry daily devotional for my next book, and I have been sharing a poem a week from what I have so far. I don't believe in only quoting a verse to study, so I am listing the full chapters which I have read and led to the inspiration for the poem for that day.

 It has been slowed in it's  progress as the Lord has called me to be a care-giver to a very ill friend, but I am diligent in making sure I share at least one new post within a ten day frame; however, that does not mean I am not keeping each of you in my daily prayers. I hope you enjoy the poem for today, In light of the devastation of hurricane Irene, especially up in my own county which will forever be changed, I share these words in hope that they may bring us strength and comfort, knowing that as long as we ask, we have all we need each day. May our loving Father keep us all in His loving embrace. Love, hugs and prayers Patricia xx

If  We  ALL  Listen

When the Holy Spirit speaks
and we heed what we're told,
It renews our faith
making us bold.

It ignites our shield
which is not for display,
but to give us the strength
to keep our attacker at bay.

For as strong as he seems
his power is capped,
and it's just "his" illusion
that he is sure we are trapped.

For as long as we ask
sit still, and believe,
the Father promises us all
He will completely relieve,

Our fears and our worries,
and of course our doubt,
because love and mercy
is what our Father's about.

Each day we give thanks
because we are Christians,
But it's our Father who's good,
it is we, who just listen.

For had Jesus been accepted
we would hunger for thirst,
that is why we must remember
to keep our loving Savior first...

Patricia VanDenburg©
Inspired by
1Thessalonians 5
Proverbs 3


  1. Hi Patricai,
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful poems you wrote.
    What a dear heart you are care-givig to your friend. I hope and pray your shoulder is not bothering you.

    Praying for you sis,

  2. What a beautiful have such a special and caring heart.


  3. Thank you my loving sisters your support, thoughts and prayers mean so much and I am humbled by your kind words about my work. Have a blessed weekend. Thanks for asking Child it's not good but never will be again, and what I am living now with those around me, my pain seems insignificant, and when I can't handle it I lift it up and pray myself to sleep.

  4. Hi Patricia,

    I am sorry to hear your shoulder is not good. But don't give up, I won't! I'll keep on praying for you. :)


  5. TY Child as you know the strongest prayers and the one that makes our Father happiest are pryers of intercession, for we are prying for others and those who are also unable to pray for themselves. I will continue to pray for you and others as well God Bless big hugs Patricia xx

  6. Hello dear friend. What a good person you are and your friend who is so ill is very lucky to have someone so special as you in their lives to help them as such a dreadful time.
    Your poetry is wonderful and as usual, your words make one sit, think and become uplifted. Thank you for sharing it all, but please Patricia, do be careful putting it all on here where it can be copied by anyone.
    Sadly, there have been quite a few cases of some of our mutual author friends having had their work copied off their blogs and re-printed elsewhere under another persons name. It is very sad, but there are people not as honest as us I'm afraid and I'd hate to see your work have that happen to it before it's published in the book. Do take care my friend and lots of love to you , Lorraine xxx

  7. Hello My Dear Lorriane, thank you for your comforting encouraging words, and for your sound advice about my poetry. I have some together to be copyrighted but I was waiting till I had a bit more to snd off for the book. I will heed your warning though and try and post some of my works that have already been copyrighted. I hope the move went well and that your new location where people can come in to chat is growing and you are enjoying your new surroundings. God Bless you and keep you. Stay well love and hugs Patricia I will visit your site as soon as things are a bit more settled I miss reading your posts.... :)