Thursday, September 8, 2011

*************A Daily Prayer*************

Hi My Sweet Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Today I read Mathew 5 and Mathew 7 and was inspired to write this daily prayer. Maybe it's because our Father gently reminds us of the character and heart He knows we truly possess and when we surrender, it is that heart that leads our life, and if we ignore His words of wisdom and fall prey to our humankind, He also shares what the consequences will be.

 I pray this daily poem brings you strength and courage to be all our Father knows that we are, so that we can be His light in the darkness and His hope in the gloom. I pray we all have a safe and fruitful weekend, and that we all continue to spread God's love and kindness even to our enemies. May our Loving Father continue to wrap us all in His loving embrace, hugs and love Patricia xx

A Daily Prayer

God is great
God is good,
we come to You
 daily, as we should.

With heads that bow
and knees that bend,
Your' words and laws,
we will defend.

For it's by Your wisdom
to which we heed,
that allows Your' children,
to succeed.

Until the reign
of the devil is done,
we will continually
glorify Your' Son.

We live Your' words
we pray for peace,
for the minds and souls
still not released.

For as with our Savior
it is our hope too,
that all of God's children
will search to find you.

For it's only by Your grace
eternal life exists,
it's the devil with his bag of tricks
we absolutely must resist.

For it's Your open arms
that are the entrance to the gate,
where wisdom, love, and joy
all gather and await.

So we thank you loving Father
for knowing who we are,
and through all the pain and darkness,
You're our one True guiding star...

Patricia VanDenburg©


  1. Hi Patricia,

    Very nice!

    Amen and amen!

  2. Hello my sweet friend and Happy Saturday. Check out my blog post and let me know if you've done it yet.

    Love the poem.

    Never met a poem that I didn't love of yours ;-)

    Your sister

    My friend free spirit butterfly is having trouble posting comments and has to email thm...anyne else having that problem? Can you let me know thanks Patricia

  3. Just Beautiful!!!! I love it!!! Again God has sent you words to share. Thank you God for sharing your words through my Friend!