Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*******We All Have A Purpose*********

This is not an easy story to write, but I was inspired to share it in light of the many people in the world today, who feel they have no reason to go on. I did not share this story in my book, though I felt it would have had tremendous impact on many, I was not guided to do so.

One of my many sales jobs was selling Life Insurance for Met Life. When you first get your license, you are encouraged to sell to family and friends first, to help build up your client base. Being in sales for many years, I did not take heed to this advice right away. Something was telling me it wasn't necessary.

I was doing decent and it felt more intrusive asking people I knew questions, than it did with strangers. This particular month I was slow, as it was summer and many people were on vacation; so I decided I would call up different friends that I thought could benefit, and I set up several appointments.

One of these was with a very dear friend of mine. I went over to her house where we went through the usual process; paperwork, deposit, and I set up a physical, which was mandatory. A few weeks past and my friend called to say a letter arrived registered mail from my company and had to be picked up at the post office, as she was not at home when the postman came to her apartment.

I immediately got a sinking feeling in my stomach, there were very few reasons for this to occur and none of them were good. I promised to take her to the post office and when we arrived the postman had not returned from his route so we had to wait.
 It was painstakingly nerve wracking.

After about a forty-five minute wait that felt like an eternity, he finally arrived back to the office.

My friend signed for the letter and we went outside to open it. Inside it stated that she was turned down for the policy due to findings in her blood test and was not eligible.

Upon going to the doctor, it was confirmed that my friend was HIV positive. I was devastated. At first I felt as if it were my fault, like I was delivering the worst news possible, to someone I loved dearly, and who was only trying to do something good for me, and in turn, I, in a round-about-way had turned her world upside-down and inside-out.

That happened nearly 16 years ago. My friend is not only doing well, but has been instrumental in taking care of many of her family members. She helps others by living a productive, healthy life, bringing laughter and smiles, and reinforcing how important it is  for everyone to take care of both their body and mind.

It took a long time before I realized, had I not set up that appointment, she may not have found out until she was very sick; and at a stage, perhaps, where it would have been to late for help. In the same respect had I gone to friends and family first, it may have been to soon. The point is we all have a purpose, and though we may not know exactly when or where, our Father does.

Think about how many lives would have changed had I not listened to my inner voice. My friend would not have been there to be the rock and backbone of her family; who truly rely on her to be the caretaker in their hour of need.

 We both had a purpose, at the time neither of us was aware of just how momentous, how imperative, that half hour meeting was on the outcome of our lives.

God has designed a path for each of us, and if we are open to it, and don't allow outside influences to judge us, or decide what the value of our lives are, we will each have our purpose revealed to us.

The key is to realize that each life is as equally as important as the next. A President's value is no greater then anyone elses. One of my greatest life lessons came from a homeless person; but that is a story for another day.

I guess what I am trying to share, is that no one has the right to judge, or make their fellow human being feel beneath them. We are on an equal playing field.

My prayers though they go out to the victim's of this horrific treatment, my prayers are even more intense for their oppressor's for they are the ones that truly need prayer.

Love is the greatest Gift God gave us, because God is love and He gave Himself to each of us, the only difference is; there are those that acknowledge this unconditional love and those who choose to ignore its existence.

So this year, as we all make our New Years resolutions, let us all add to our list to make a concerted effort to spread love, and not hate or judgement on our fellow human beings. Patricia©


  1. Very inspirational and I'm glad to hear your friend is doing well. Thanks for the lift this morning!

  2. Mary thank you so much for letting me know you felt inspired and I will pass on your well wishes, I am so grateful I was granted such a blessed friendship.

  3. WoW!!! What a beautiful thing...Funny how we don't know at the time, when God is working his Miracles through us...I really believe everything happens for a reason...When God winks it's called...God puts us right where he needs us to do his work. It's an honor when God works through us........... Pat We Are So Blessed !!! Thank You God For Having Pat Back In My Life... You know what's so great about you writing again?...Now the world Get's to see what a great person YOU ARE!!! something I've always known...Love you always my Bff!

  4. What a lovely story and so well written. You are right, we might think things should happen before or after something, but God never gets things wrong. If we all put our trust in Him more often we would have far less to worry over.
    He never gets it wrong no matter what we might think.