Monday, December 6, 2010

Poetry is Like Art-Open to Personal Interpretation

I thought today I would do something a little different. As some of my fellow Authors from Authonomy know, I have and always will be a poet first and foremost.

Poetry was a gift bestowed upon me to get me through some difficult periods of my young life. The sad thing about it is, most of it was destroyed in a fire. I had my things in storage when I left for California at eighteen, and when I returned there was nothing left.

All my writings; short stories, enough poetry to fill at least ten anthologies, some partially written books, and my school yearbooks (I had friends in all grades so I had each year from freshman to senior with such precious memories documented...gone) and pictures, all priceless things to me.

Quite a bit of my poetry was embedded in my memory, and tonight as I passed some of my books where I have been published I read back, and was quite shocked at how many of them applied to present day circumstances.

I chose three to share  (it was a bit hard to narrow it down, sorta like trying to pick a favorite child from amongst your own) that I felt were similar in feel, and hopefulness, to me at least, ah, the beauty of poetry, allowing one-self to go their own way. One last thought for the day; keep in mind "just because we're full doesn't mean we're satisfied."

I hope you enjoy and I would love your feedback, either by checking a box or leaving a comment; since this is something a little different then my norm.
 God Bless and enjoy your day....Patricia

A Solemn Promise

What's going on, What's taking place,
smiles gone, and now replaced.
By looks of horror, shear disbelief,
for now life's joy, has turned to grief.

Jobs are scarce, money too,
come month's end the rent is due.
Both parents work, still not enough,
all around things are tough.

Let's not forget the little ones,
who played with toys and switched to guns.
They go to school but not to learn,
gangs and drugs are their concerns.

We seek an answer, it's all so strange,
oh how much our world has changed.
We can't give up, we must not quit,
until our torch within is lit.

Not 'til then, can our world be one,
only then...will our job be done....
written 11/26/91

You I and Me

In the dark of the night
by the light of the day,
during the hour of twilight
as dusk turns to gray.

When I gaze at the stars
or think of tomorrow,
when tears fill my eyes
as I ponder lifes' sorrows.

When laughter abounds
and my heart fills with glee,
when I look in the mirror
and like what I see.

The answers quite simple
it comes from within,
for no one but you
truly... knows where you've been....
written 2/21/93

My Ray of Light

Through all the hard times in my life,
through all the good times too,
there's been one constant, solid source,
my ray of light...You

You guide me through life's' valleys,
You protect me from life's wrath,
You lead me in the right direction,
along life's bumpy path.

For I am just a little piece,
in a puzzle that's so grand,
but still in all I'd lose my way,
without Your guiding hand.

So though I can not see at times,
and I stumble through the night,
I'm always sure I'll find my way,
For I have You... my ray of light.....
written 12/2/99
all copyrighted Patricia VanDenburg©

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  1. Not many know this, but I am a published poet. I wrote some years ago and several were published in various books and magazines - even a newspaper!

    I'm not really into poetry, but have to say, I can relate to yours as they make sense and aren't of the modern stuff no one understands!
    Thanks for sharing. x