Thursday, December 9, 2010

*****Reach Out and Touch Someone*****

Our lives can get very hectic, and sometimes they even get away from us.  So what I would like to talk about today is remembering someone you may have had in your heart or on your mind lately, but have yet to drop a note or make a call.

For weeks now I have been thinking of a dear friend who I haven't seen in many months. So today I decided I would put together a little Christmas package and drop by her office.

What a wonderful and joyous reunion it was. We spoke for an hour, we covered everything, it was just the rejuvenation our friendship needed. That's the wonderful thing about good friends; we don't need to see or speak all the time, but when we do, it's as if we spoke just yesterday.

Holidays can be lonely for a lot of people; perhaps this season each of us can make it a point to reconnect with an old friend or neighbor. Maybe someone has recently lost a loved one and will be in need of some comfort and support.

Love and friendship are our secret weapons, when shared they can overcome just about anything we may have to face. When we know that we have someone standing by our side, not necessarily physically, but emotionally, we find renewed strength and hope.

Hope is a powerful possession that is so often under utilized, it is all of our responsibility to bring hope to the forefront of our lives.

So I encourage everyone to take the time to send that holiday note, make that phone call, or stop in on an old friend or neighbor and share of ourselves.

None of us know when our time here is to end, so it is extremely important that we remind those we care about, just how important they are to us. Let's show our appreciation for the life we've been blessed with, by acknowledging those who have made it special.

Whether it was for the shoulder they may have given us, the prayers they said for us or our loved ones, or maybe the soup they sent us while we were sick. All those little acts of kindness played a part in making our life a sunnier, happier place.

I for one, am so grateful this holiday season for the many blessings, and support I have received during this very frustrating season of my life. Life really is a box of chocolates; and although we may not know what lies in wait, we do know, that those special people who share our path will make it better.

Have a wonderful weekend, God Bless, and remember to smile, so we can help make someones day a little brighter... Patricia©


  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, greeneyes!

    Regards, Elizabeth

  2. Your Amazing!!! Funny how you say what most of us were thinking---->>>> wonderful thing about good friends; we don't need to see or speak all the time, but when we do, it's as if we spoke just yesterday.....Who knows better then you and keep up the GREAT work! Love ya!