Saturday, December 11, 2010

*****A Christmas Note to Heaven*****

To My Beautiful Gram, Aunt Lou, and Phil,

Well it's our favorite time of year, and you know me with the decorating, it was quite a feat this year.Only having use of my left arm was no easy task to undertake, doing the whole house, but with all of you watching over me and sending subtle reminders, it turned out beautiful. Oh and Phil I appreciated the reminder to put the Angel on top before I put the tree top on to the base of the tree. I felt your gentle nudge and heard your little snicker,I know you were waiting for me to attach the pieces without her, and you were right I was going to.

My beautiful Gram, thank you for helping me with all the missing Christmas favorites, I was so glad that they were in one of the boxes Bob brought up, because as you know, I had to cut back on my usual, and 3 huge boxes didn't make it up from the basement, but I know it was you who helped me to have all your special things around me.

Aunt Lou, I am so glad I felt your presence, as I know you are busy watching over Jen, I am praying everyday for her and I know you are there for her, so thank you for allowing me to feel your smile.

It is not easy for us, as you know we miss you all the time, and speak of you all so often; but there is something about Christmas that just makes me miss you all even more.

I miss watching the deer nest in the snow with you Phil, and the way you and mom would make Snow Angels after the first snowfall, we still have the picture you took of the pair of snow angels you made together side by side.

Gram, I miss how your face always lit up when the kids would come around to see you, and how proud and happy you were of all your Christmas plants and flowers. I am holding the stuffed Teddy you gave to me, and I know it's strange, but sometimes when I look in his eyes I see yours smiling back at me.

I know there are many of us who have lost those we love, and I know you're all up there watching over us, so I wanted to send this note for everyone, everywhere, who might be sick or busy, and let you all know that we feel our Angels all the time, and that the comfort you brought us while you were here, we can still feel.

Though what I wouldn't give for one of your kisses and that big smile, when you greeted me with;  "Hi my sweetie pie." These aren't tears of sorrow Gram, just selfish tears of wishing I still had you; after all, you spoiled me by sharing 48 years of my life. I kinda forgot, and thought I would have you forever. You had such a young spirit, and were blessed with incredibly good health, I  started to believe you were invincible.

To all of you out there who may be missing your loved ones, know they aren't far away, but are alive in your hearts and memories; and as long as we keep sharing their stories, we get to keep them alive forever.... Happy Holidays God Bless you all.... Patricia©

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