Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When tThings Don't Always Start Out Right

 I hope as the day went on our pains and troubles faded, as we leaned on our Father and surrendered the burdens, deceptions, and roadblocks to Him. As is the purity and beauty of this rose, so is the unconditional, never-ending, blissful, serene love, and plans, our Father has for us. He gives us a glimpse of that beauty, for as in our carnal state of mind, we could not handle the wonderment, joy, and serenity, of our forever.

 But when we smell the fragrance of the trees, grass, flowers, we see the artwork that could never have left a brush unless inspired, when we hear the poetry or the sound of a violin or a flute, as if that were the sound of peace itself, than I remember why we must ignore the deceiver, look at the eyes of the Father, not the circumstance of the lie, so we can spread light where there is darkness. Our Savior filled us with the Spirit, a beacon of light and hope. He is a book full of all knowledge and wisdom, and He is our guide through this world, through discernment, allowing true communication with the Savior, who in turn stands up for us to the Father.

 It is so glorious when we sit still, listen, remember, and apply. I pray we all are able to apply as much as possible the rest of the week and until we head home, may we be tricked almost never, and that we bask in the light, love, and wisdom that indwells in us, How we thank you Heavenly Father for this gift of Grace, to know this is temporary, our work address for You, till we are all together forever, in Eternal Joy, love, happiness, and purity. We lift this petition and all things up in the blood and name of our precious Savior Jesus Christ amen

Below is a poem from my upcoming devotional "Poems of the Eternal Heart
 a Daily Devotional"

Through It All
In the still of the night,...
by the light of the day,
when things start to look iffy,
We kneel down to pray.
 For it's a wonderful blessing,
to know it's all true,
that each promise in His word,
our Father will do.
For with each step we take,
on the path that He chose,
even through the rough trials,
our life continually grows.
And the best part of all,
is that one day we'll be,
not just with the Spirit and Savior,
but at home with all three.....
Patricia VanDenburg

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  1. Beautifully written as it touched me because the Lord does help us through our daily struggles. The poem illustrates this through such moving words. Amen