Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Part in the movie "Life on Earth"

Good afternoon Dear Friends, I pray we are all having a wonderful weekend, remembering that our God, our Heavenly Father, is working through all circumstances. including those which at the moment may make very little sense. Having been sick throughout my life, and surviving only by the power of the Holy Spirit, whom permitted me a life I never thought possible, even if it wasn't the one I envisioned, it was a life all the same. I turned 54 on Monday, and  I never thought I'd see 25, so could it have been less pain-filled, less hospitals, less surgeries, for me, No because this is the Life God made for me, Have I questioned, absolutely, do I still, having 2 more surgeries just around the corner about to happen, yes, but not as much, nor with the depth of puzzlement I once had.

 Now I have come to know that maybe I am suppose to share and witness about these surgeries, or perhaps my roommate will be on the fence about God, or will be more intimate with Him, and help me grow. Maybe a Dr. I meet will be a future husband. You see there lies the difference; once where there was anger, confusion and disappointment, I truly know that all this pain, these changes, and struggle are for my good, and the good of the family. God wants what's best, not just what's good,
(Psalm 34:8 "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.")

 Each of us has to be put in every scenario that will come up in this life, everyone has a part in the show, and this is my part. So when we are praying today and tonight, let's try and remember, (1)who our director is, and (2)who gave us our part in this movie called "Life on Earth." Because the reality is; this is our work and when we're done, we get to go home, and if we can remember that, than somehow it all gets easier to handle and understand. Have a week full of love, wisdom, clarity, and peace.

 May we hear the discernment of the Holt Spirit so we may be a blessing to others, and see the gifts God has placed on our individual path's. I pray we are all there to receive them, and that the enemy doesn't trick us onto another path where we think we are helping, but it's a distraction to keep us from being where God intended, that is why daily discernment is vital to hearing from the Father after we speak, we must wait on His direction.

God's timing I as important as His plan, so though He may call us to help a specific someone, we must make sure it is when He sets it up, and not the deceiver, because if we are early, we may be missing something wonderful on our path, if we're late, we may prevent a blessing meant for someone else. So the study for the week is all word pertaining to discernment.

We lift this and all petitions up in the blood and name of our loving Savior Jesus Christ amen blow is a poem from my upcoming Devotional " Poems of the Eternal Heart a Daily Devotional" love, hugs, and payers Patricia

Crystal Clear
When something lays upon our hearts,
and we just can't let it go,
remember that a loving heart,
is where the Spirit flows.
He's who our Father uses,
to make things crystal clear,
so that the lies of the enemy,
can no longer build up fear.
For when the Father is close to us,
and we keep in touch each day,
than we know without a single doubt,
there is no one in our way,
To complete each task He's given us,
is our only job at hand,
and since our Father won this war,
His Finally will be "Grand".....
Patricia VanDenburg

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