Friday, January 6, 2012

*******It's All About Our Relationship*******

Hi Everyone, I know at this time of year many people are evaluating their lives, but as Christians we know how important it is to evaluate ourselves, our decisions, and our choices on a daily basis.

The attacker tries to trick us numerous times throughout our day and the need for a strong personal relationship with the trinity is vital to our assurance that we stay on our loving Father's path for each of us. I hope you find the poem below encouraging and inspiring and that we all have awesome days of light, joy, peace and love.
May our Heavenly Father continue to wrap you and those you love in His loving embrace. Hugs, love, and prayers...... Patricia xx

We can never fully understand
what our Savior has in store,
but, the one thing we are sure of
is that He opens up our doors.

For everything and everywhere
that we are meant to be,
is revealed to us quite simply
when we use our hearts to see.

Because our heart is the connection
to our Heavenly "Pass", through grace,
 in all things that come our way
we must be certain, of where they're based.

For when they're from the Holy Spirit
there's a peace, a calm, a joy,
but if there is uneasiness
they're from the attacker out to destroy,

all the love and direction
that our Heavenly Father gives,
for where the attacker dwells
the Holy Spirit cannot live.

That's why it's so important
that each and every day,
we look within and feel the peace
and know we've not lost our way.

For it's all about our relationship
and knowing without concern,
that the Heavenly Father has not a doubt
that it is He, who helps us discern.....

Patricia VanDenburg©

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