Tuesday, December 20, 2011

*****When God Conducts Our Symphony*****

God Bless and Merry Christmas
"One Solitary Life"  Bing Crosby

When God conducts our symphony
there's a difference in our lives,
for though we still have troubles
the Holy Spirit now arrives.

He knows our walks and struggles
our gifts they lay in wait,
and He's here to make certain
that none of us are late.

For our loving Father always knows
exactly what we need,
but still it's our responsibility
to listen and take heed.

To all His words of wisdom
the plans that He's laid out,
for that truly is the only way
we can prove we have no doubts.

That we believe He's our Creator
who's sacrificed His Son,
so that all is loving children
can get this battle won.

For all He's ever wanted
was eternal life for all,
and that never again shall He worry
That a single Angel will fall....

Patricia VanDenburg©

Today is my little nephews first birthday, and as many of you know his Mom took him out of state and we don't know exactly where they are. I want to tell him Happy Birthday Phillip we love you and miss you. I pray God wraps you in His loving arm and protects you from all harm. Whatever we may each be going through we must remember our Savior, Father, and Holy Spirit knows EVERY single thing about us, and cares about the smallest details of our lives. Let us surrender and believe that through all things, our Loving Father will be with us....Merry Christmas love,hugs and prayers Patricia


  1. Happy Birthday little Phillip...May God watch over you and protect you. Let God fill your heart with the love of your family here and we all pray for you to find your way home when you are able too...We will be here waiting...xoxoxo
    I hear the music God that you have played for me...and it fills my heart with the warmth of your love...Again...Thank you Pat for showing me the way...

  2. I love you Lori and may the Holy Spirit fill you always with all you need my lifelong friend...miss you lots and thank you for speaking such beautiful words over Phillip. I an humbled once again that the HS found me worthy to use as a light hugs xxxx