Sunday, November 27, 2011

*****Believe For We Are Loved*****

I know this post has come shortly after my last, which has only been up a few days, however, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to write this poem quickly and directed to post it immediately.

I know that it came to me because of my own recent struggles but, it was laid on my heart that there are others who need these words as well. I pray that you all know that all our sins have been forgiven, past,present, and future and that our Saviors blood washed them away and we have been saved by His grace.

 I know the season is upon us when extra stress is around and with this economy we are all struggling, however if we ask for comfort, strength, and guidance, it will be ours. For this is not our life, it is only temporary and we are well equipped with the gift of the Holy Spirit to handle whatever our attacker may throw our way as long as we remember to pray and ask.

Have a fruitful, love-filled week ahead and may our loving Father wrap us all in His loving embrace. Love, hugs, and prayers Patricia I hope the poem moves you in the way it's suppose to. Inspired by Isaiah 53, and Philippians 4.

Believe For We Are Loved

We know no matter what it is
all we need do is ask,
but it's the ploy of our attacker
to impede this simple task.

He tricks us into believing
that we're unworthy in our Father's eyes,
but as Christians we know we're forgiven
and that all his ploys are lies.

That's why it is so important for us
to read our Father's words each day,
and know that every need and answer
comes to all of us who pray.

So when we feel uncertain
there is only one place to go,
for the Holy Spirit was left behind
because there is nothing He doesn't know....

Patricia VanDenburg©


  1. Greetings From Southern California

    Patricia, I love your poem! Thanks for sharing :-)

    And thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    God bless and have a Great Week :-)