Sunday, October 9, 2011

*******We Must Keep Shining*******

Hi My Dear Friends, I apologize for the delay in my posts, but the Lord has had me doing some very challenging work for him; emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have visited some of your blogs though I tried on a few to leave messages they never seem to post, but I have learned that many of us are going through similar battles, as we all should expect.

Though we read daily the time is near and the trials will be many, living through them personally and watching those you love struggle with that reality, is a lot harder to surrender and lift up because it hits so close to home.Two of God's brightest torches in my life and the world are very ill and it saddens me to think of this world without them.
I also have several other very dear and close friends who are also very sick and although I know this is a pilgrimage for us and not home, it hurts to know that your journey may become a little less lit because another light awaits our loving Father.

My heart and prayers are with you all, even if you don't see a message or a post, know you are in my heart and prayers always, and that I keep up with you all as much as time allots for at the moment. So here is a little poetry to light up your week. May our loving Father and the Holy Spirit bring you strength and comfort and may we remember daily that our Savior suffered, though sinless, an amount of pain that our human brains can't begin to comprehend, and He did it so we would have eternal life with perfect bodies, joy, peace, and love forever. Love, hugs, and prayers Patricia

Light of Hope

When trouble's all around us,
and no one seems to care,
it truly is important,
we open up and share.

For it's the plan of our attacker,
to isolate us all,
for that's how he increases,
the odds that we may fall.

For he knows his days are numbered,
and his reign is running out,
as well as his daily chances,
to fill our hearts with doubt.

That's why it's so essential,
we read our Bible every day,
and remember that our power,
is strengthened when we pray.

For Jesus is our leader.
the way, the truth, the light,
the one who keeps His promises,
the one who's always right.

So when you're feeling lonely,
recall these precious words,
"I will never leave you, nor forsake you,"
have I abandoned the plants and birds?

No, our Savior keeps all promises,
of this we can be sure,
and as long as we remember,
It will be He who answers our door....

Patricia VanDenburg©


  1. Words to live by........... Beautiful!

  2. Wonderful words!

    I am leaving a comment in my new blogger role at Bloom for Branches Church, thanks for wanting to follow me here.

    Jen(crochet life)

  3. What beautiful words you've written Patricia. I am so sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time, but remember, it's these hard times that teach us the most valuable lessons and make us who we are - able to be compassionate towards others - as we all know you are. I am also sorry to hear about your friends. may God's Blessings be with them their families and you at this time. Lorraine xxx

  4. Lorraine your support and prayers and encouragement mean so much...I hope all is well with your lovely new home and your new place for people to come and gather..I have been keeping my eye on you and you are always in my prayers just haven't had time to comment but know I am thinking of you hugs and prayers Patricia xx

  5. you're such a sweet woman :)more blessings :)