Friday, June 3, 2011

***Spirtual Life Is Much Like A Chess Game***

What a week. Did you ever have one of those weeks, where, all of the people in your inner circle are simultaneously under attack? Of course you immediately go into prayer, and seek guidance for direction and encouragement, as the barrage just keeps coming.

With each call there was a similar undertone. We know as Christian's that our attacker knows our individual weaknesses, and therefore, the stronger and closer our walk, the stronger the battle. Most of my close friends all share the same weakness, health issue's, which can cloud our normal response to everyday occurrences.

Two of my dear friends have teenage children, and they each expressed that while in the midst of giving thanks aloud for the things that came up throughout the day, their children seemed indifferent, and even expressed if it were really necessary to thank God for things that to them, seemed inconsequential .

Taken aback, my friends were frustrated with the attitude of the teenagers, who seem to have this undeniable feeling of entitlement.

 Reinforcing the fact that it is so important to keep planting seeds, even if, right now they don't seem to be taking root, we can only pray that as they get a little older, and more mature in their walk with the Savior, that the messages were received subliminally, and that when looking back, they will be grateful to have not only loving parents, but parents who truly have a relationship with God.

After speaking with the Holy Spirit I was instructed to share with one of my friends that she should use the analogy of a Chess game. In Chess the first thing you do is choose which color you want to be, in life, the first thing and only thing we truly have control over is who do we want planning our strategies? ( as we are the pawns of life.)

We can Choose our Father or our Attacker, for they are the only true players in the game of life, and once we decide who will be at the helm of our life, than that's who directs our moves and path until we get to checkmate.

I pray for us all, but especially our children, that they realize there is only one choice if we want to ensure the ultimate victory. Colossians 1:4, Matthew 7:11-13 ( I like to read the whole chapters myself)

I close this post tonight with a prayer that we all choose our loving Father, knowing that with the power and love of the Holy Spirit living within us, we will surely rejoice in everlasting life with our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

May we all have a safe, joyful, and fruitful weekend...God Bless and let us continue to give love and praise in all circumstances to our loving Father. Patricia©

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  1. Hello Patricia, I think you should let your friends read your tribute to your mother that you wrote for "Mother's day" and they will understand just how much of an impact our mothers have on our lives. It is written that if you train up a child in the way he should go, when he grows older he shall not depart from it. You cannot escape your upbringing, it's as simple as that. Your friends are stressing about something that is in God's hands, as far as I can tell. All teenagers find their parents embarrassing and frustrating but they will soon come running when they grow older. Jesus says "I have chosen you, you did not choose me, I chose you." and again "I will not lose even one of those the Father has given to me."
    God loves you my humble friend and is using you to love your friends. May his will be done, for he leads all of us in love.