Sunday, May 22, 2011

****United We Stand Divided We Fall****

Let me start this post by saying that there is not one person whether Christian or Non-Christian that has not been misled or tricked by our attacker.

 That being said, in light of what has happened with our fellow brother and sister's in Christ that followed Family Radio and gave up their possessions, jobs, and families to go out and spread the news of the rapture before May 21st 2011; we must join hands and pray, not mock or judge.

Though as Christians we should know that our loving Father would never give us a weapon, His word, and bury or hide anything from us which would hold meaning that would be understood by few and trick many. For those are the characteristics of our attacker not our Heavenly Father; and yet because some of us lack the confidence in our relationship with the Father for different reasons, at different times, it is at those times when we are more susceptible to being misguided.

Still the fact remains that no matter how close our walk with God the Father is, and that we are filled with the Holy Spirit for guidance and protection, we all as humans still fail at things, and still get tricked by Satan. Does that mean we are not Christians? No

Nor does it mean that those fellow brothers and sisters who followed Harold Camping aren't Christians either. I believe our Heavenly Father allowed this to happen as a reminder that all the Glory is His and that He holds all the answers, that if not even His Angels or Son knows, NO HUMAN BEING will be predicting the end of the world.

The importance of this message wasn't the fact that this man's prediction was wrong, but the fact that so many of our family was willing to let go of their worldly possessions and work to get out the news of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I have a family member myself who is a believer in family radio and actually told me I would be like one of the people that ignored Noah and I would die. I can only pray for those who forget that there is only one Judge of the universe and none of us are He.

There are many of our brothers and sisters out there today truly dazed and drained. Our attacker was granted this battle, but as we know, he WILL lose the war. The purpose of my blog today is so that we ourselves don't get tricked.

I have received many emails and posts poking fun, judging, and name calling, and since we are human I am sure we found some of them quite funny, but to partake in forwarding such messages, would aid our attacker's, and not our Father's cause.

So my prayer today is that we unite as Christians and pray for our brothers and sisters feeling isolated and condemned today, that they may feel our love, that they pick up the word, speak with the Holy Spirit and get back on their individual paths to fulfill their personal purpose that God has selected for each of them.

We have all been there, and I am sure we will be attacked again before we rejoin our Father, so let us not judge or poke fun of those whose attack was put on public display, but instead let us pray amongst ourselves for their strength, joy, and peace to be restored as quickly as possible.

May we all continue to feel our Fathers loving embrace and may we all shine our lights brightly and guide our family home...... God Bless Patricia©


  1. I don't mock the people, but I DO mock Harold Camping for being such a pompous idiot. One of his poor followers spent his life savings of $140,000 to fund the billboards and flyers, etc. warning the world of May 21st. But, on the other hand, that man could have used that money to donate to reputable charities to help others. So I guess what goes around comes around, as they say. I just think the whole thing is a tragic story. And I think Mr. Camping should be ashamed of himself. I read on the internet that he has not come out and said ONE WORD about this today. Plus, I also read that he has made thousands and thousands of dollars that people sent to him when they thought the world would end. One minister even said he should publicly apologize, which I at first agreed with. BUT, he can apologize all he wants -- he is still a rich man, with money made from taking it from others. Therefore, I this Mr. Camping would be the LAST person Jesus would ever save.

  2. Hello Greeneyes, it's me. I vaguely heard something about this on Friday but when I was shown an article in one of the really nasty news papers here, my only reaction was that God said to Moses, in the book of Exodus chapter 33 verse 18-23, that he would let Moses see his back but not his face. To me this means we can only see what God has already brought about and not what has yet to be. They've been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years, what would make me believe in this particular prediction? So what can I say? Stupid man or should I say men? When are we going to learn to trust God and not rely on just any stupid prediction? It may have been this Camping character who made a fortune out of this but it is those who fell for it who showed their own vulnerability. Wait for God and don't do that again, silly people.
    God bless you my friend, sorry about the long wait since my last visit, well I'm sure you understand. Lots and lots of love, Geoff.

  3. Hi Patricia,

    I believe it is not our place to judge, there is only one true Judge. It is our place to pray and this is where I have been, praying for these people and Harold Camping. They fell to the tactics of Satan, we all fall short and I thank God He is merciful and patient but time is ticking and Jesus will come again and I hope people will wake up and come into a relationship with Him before it is to late.

    Good post!

  4. Wow, so very sad for so many.

    I have no idea what else to say...just very sad.

  5. God Bless you lead you with His Love & anointing.